Green split peas

Green split peas

Green split peas

Although they are split, their flavour remains intact – they are bold in both flavour and colour. Before packing, we split them for you; ours are shelled, ready to release all their flavour.

Split green peas are bright green in colour. The fact that they are split and shelled reduces the cooking time, making them ideal for making quick soups. The green peas chosen by AMÍO are particularly tasty and suitable for a variety of recipes.

Peas are a great alternative to animal protein, especially if combined with cereals. In addition to their attractive colour and delicious taste, they are a valuable source of protein, carbohydrates and mineral salts, as can be seen in the daily reference intake (RI%). Did you know that 70g of these peas provide approximately 33%* of your daily protein requirement?

Green split peas
Green split peas

*RI% = reference intake for an average adult (2000 kcal). Reference intakes suggest the total amount of energy and nutrients that a healthy adult should consume on a daily basis.

Suggestions for use

These peas do not require soaking. However, we recommend rinsing them in cold water before placing them in a pot with 500ml of water for every 100g of peas.

Allow around 70g per person: bring the water to a boil before covering and cooking on a low heat for 30-35 mins.

Once cooked, add salt for flavour and to prevent the peas from becoming hard crunchy. If using a pressure cooker the cooking time should be halved.

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