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Developed in cooperation with SmartFood, a research project that applies scientific knowledge to healthy eating, the 5 ZuppamiXlegumi recipes are a simple way to rediscover the pleasure of eating food that makes us feel good.

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The healthy plate: the rules for an ideal meal

A meal is considered balanced if it contains a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. By analysing the right amounts of nutrients, the Harvard Medical School in Boston has managed to graphically represent the “healthy eating plate”: a mix of vegetables, cereals, fruit and healthy proteins, such as those found in pulses. This rule should apply to every meal of the day combined with a healthy lifestyle.

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With its balanced mix of pulses and cereals, each portion of ZuppamiXlegumi provides the ideal amount of carbohydrates and protein of the healthy plate.

From research, the principles of healthy eating.

Smart Food is a research project developed by the European Institute of Oncology in Milan with the aim to promote healthy and informed food choices. The physicians, researchers and nutritionists who work there are committed every day to analysing the properties of food and finding food that contains valuable molecules for the body, which can help us to live better. Thanks to their contribution, the ZuppamiXlegumi recipes provide most of the nutrients that are essential for your diet.

How our mixes are made


Cereals and pulses are selected according to their nutritional profile.


The ingredients are combined to create the perfect mix of carbohydrates and proteins.


We experiment with different recipes until we obtain the best mix, making sure the ingredients have the same cooking time.

Pulses and nutrition:

Science's responses

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