The best of the land The best of Italy

Our pulses, told by the storytellers of What Italy Is.

There are people who know nature and
its needs very well, and
are committed to respecting them.

Their passion is manifested in every gesture:
the most important one is their signature,
affixed as a quality seal.

Organic farming comes to life through their work, and
it is through our work that it reaches you.

This is how our Bio range was born,
working with nature and those who know its needs.

The authentic fruit of cooperation

the original taste
of nature, and nothing more

Our selection includes only the finest native, organically certified varieties with a controlled supply chain, free from additives and synthetic pesticides. AMÍO Bio products are grown by expert farmers who have chosen to grow crops while respecting the rhythms of nature.

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All our world in the value of a signature

Each AMÍO BIO product is provided with a code that offers a lot of precious information, including the origin of the raw materials, the name of the producer, the address of the commercial farm and its cultivation methods.

Enter here the code of your product to trace its origin:

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We seek plots of land where pulses grow better and naturally.


We pay attention to what happens in the fields, communicating directly with producers.


We are ccpb certified and make sure that every link in the supply chain is guaranteed.


Those who work with us respect the cycle of nature through crop rotations.


We have a very short supply chain and ensure traceability back to the field.

From the hands of farmers to people,
always following the shortest path.

Our supply chain

They grow, harvest and certify 100% Italian pulses in compliance with organic farming.


The pulses are sent to the AMÍO plants in Venice, where they are cleaned and packed.


Their journey continues until they reach consumers’ tables with their flavour intact.