The food of the future

The food of the future

"The International Year of Pulses will increase awareness of the importance of pulses, which are essential crops for sustainable agriculture and food".

José Graziano da Silva

Director-General of the FAO

When setting up the International Year of Pulses, the FAO declared pulses to be "nutritious seeds for a sustainable future". During these 12 months, governments and industry associations will commit to spreading awareness throughout the world of the importance of the consumption and cultivation of pulses.
This is an opportunity to play a key role in ensuring a more even distribution of food resources worldwide over the next few years.

What does the international year of pulses mean for each one of us?

The International Year of Pulses can be an opportunity to learn something new about preferences and ourselves. In an age when we can easily get everything we want, it is important to start to want what is good for us.

Simple, accessible, healthy things…like pulses.

Learning to appreciate them can help us to discover that peace and happiness have always been here, within our reach.

Low in fat but rich in fibre and minerals, eating pulses provides major benefits for human health. They combat hunger and malnutrition, supplementing both poor and fatty diets with the vitamins and proteins necessary for a balanced diet. Their cultivation also improves the overall condition of the soil, promoting biodiversity and helping the growth and adaptability of other crops.

Pulses have always been present in all culinary traditions, and they will play a key part in the kitchens of the future. To start spreading awareness of the importance of these ingredients, ILTA Alimentare SpA supports numerous projects, including, an international website dedicated to providing more information about pulses.