Ready-to-eat pulses in tasty recipes.
AMÍO’s first ready-to-eat line is here.
100% plant-based recipes,
prepared with wholesome and
organic ingredients.
Look for them near the
refrigerated section!

Making a change also goes through what we eat.

For us at AMÍO, pulses are the food of the future, the most complete, natural and sustainable alternative to an animal protein diet.

This is why we developed a smart product, designed for people with a hectic and dynamic lifestyle who are careful about what they eat.

AMÍO My Gourmet does not need to be kept in the fridge. It is the perfect meal for the office, university, park, travelling, but also to enjoy at home.

AMÍO My Gourmet

Tasty titbits

Where can I find it?

You can find AMÍO My Gourmet near the refrigerated section. In fact its special feature is that it can be kept at room temperature.

Why is it outside the fridge?

AMÍO My Gourmet recipes are prepared with a process that heats the product to a very high temperature, guaranteeing and maintaining its stability without the use of preservatives. After opening, however, we recommend keeping it in the fridge and eating it within 2 days.

How do I prepare it?

AMÍO My Gourmet makes for a truly fast lunch! It only takes 1 minute in the microwave or pan to enjoy it warm. Are you in too much of a rush? Then just open it and enjoy! AMÍO My Gourmet tastes great even at room temperature!

Bring the benefit of pulses to your weekly diet

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