Amío Bio Range

The best of the land

the best of Italy

Free from additives and synthetic pesticides – the original taste of nature

To us, “organic” signifies respect: from the safeguarding of the environment where the crops are grown, to the authentic flavor of each vegetable. “Amío Bio” range is a selection of the finest native, organically certified varieties, grown by expert farmers who have chosen not to resort to the use of chemical additives and synthetic pesticides, out of respect for the rhythms of nature.

A journey through the flavors of Italy

Each selected variety marks a new stage in a little journey through Italy. The result of cultivation rooted in tradition, they have been a staple ingredient in the country’s authentic, regional cuisine for centuries. From cannellini and borlotti beans sourced from Piedmont to Apulian lentils and Sicilian black chickpeas, these are just a few of the flavors that we have chosen to export, to spread the pleasure of trying new flavors across Europe.

The secret ingredient
is trust

The products in the Amío Bio range come from farms where the valued crops that sustain the land and safeguard biodiversity are tended to every day. We know the farmers personally, chosen from those who share our concern about raw materials. You can find their signature on every pack as a guarantee of quality.

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