Organic peeled broad beans

Organic peeled broad beans

Organic peeled broad beans

These Organic Broad Beans are peeled, so they cook quickly. AMÍO has selected them for the quality of the commercial farms located in regions traditionally suited, since they have the perfect climate for growing these pulses: Apulia, Basilicata and Sicily.

The “Value of the Signature” of the producer establishes a relationship based on transparency, respect, responsibility and control.

Peeled Broad Beans are a great alternative to animal protein, especially if combined with cereals. In addition to their delicious taste, they are a valuable source of protein, as can be seen in the recommended daily value. Did you know that 70 g of these broad beans provide approximately 40%* of your daily protein requirement?

Organic peeled broad beans
Organic peeled broad beans

*RI% = reference intake for an average adult (8400 kj/ 2000 kcal). Reference intakes suggest the total amount of energy and nutrients that a healthy adult should consume on a daily basis.

Suggestions for use

We recommend soaking these broad beans for 8-12 hours. It is then best to rinse them in cold water before placing them in a pot with about 500 ml of water for every 100 g of product. Allow around 70 g per person: bring to a boil before covering and cooking on a low heat for 30-35 min. Once cooked, add salt to flavour and to prevent the broad beans from becoming hard and crunchy. If using a pressure cooker, the cooking time should be halved.

Our producers

Each Amío BIO product is provided with a code that offers a lot of precious information, including the origin of the raw materials, the name of the producer, the address of the commercial farm and its cultivation methods.

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