The land, hand in hand with man

Even nature at its wildest needs constant attention and special care.

Agriculture indicates what is more and what is less necessary.
It guides life rationally. We must touch the soil.

Lev Tolstoj

Helping the soil by touching it

Some plants require a daily relationship with man: this is especially true in the case of organic farming. Bad weather and plant illnesses are unexpected but predictable phenomena, but thanks to constant attention and extra care, they will cause no damage to the fields and the wonderful forms of life that we can find there.

Bean plants are delicate and need constant care.

This land offers some of
our organic products

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H ere, the colours green and yellow are the protagonists. Beans are now grown on soil that was once cultivated with tobacco. And, when growing beans, the human relationship is essential, there can be no pause. There is a need for water, soil and plant care. There needs to be there.

Everyone who works for us knows beans perfectly well.

Helping nature, with respect

To obtain quality crops, dedicated care is needed, therefore skilled operators are chosen to go to the fields and take care of the plants.
It is essential to pay close attention to each stage of processing, from sowing, using even GPS to monitor the route of tractors and the distance between one plant and another, to harvesting.

Plants are so delicate that every tool used
is designed and built specifically for it.

If we go and see it with our own eyes, we will see that it is true. Every machine, every thing that is used by man in the field is made to “treat” the plant with care.

We would risk ruining everything, we cannot afford it.” They tell us. Moreover, growing crops in this way, with this great level of care, is the key to obtaining top-quality products.

Good luck in (good) weather

“Our care must be supported by a little bit of good luck, we are told.” Since it is a delicate plant, it has many enemies. From sudden frost to persistent winds, but also prolonged or extreme rainfall and drought. “Because it needs water, but the right amount.”

Another key constant element of organic farming is the mixing of genres. This is what nature is like.

It makes no distinctions, a well-kept field is home to crops and countless wild plants and animals. It means that everything is going right.

There are no hills to hide the sunset, a boundless plain awaits it. By observing it, we understand that every place, with its crops, has its own distinctive features.

But there is one thing that remains constant: the respect for the land and the love for nature.

Products of the area

Veneto has been a pulse-growing region for centuries, and this fruit of nature is closely linked to the history and culture of this area. Today, this tradition is handed down in the same spirit as in the past, of devotion and respect for the land, without additives or synthetic pesticides. Discover the products of living nature .