Listening to Nature
to understand its secrets.

The passion of man at the service of the land and its generosity.

The first effect of love
is to inspire a profound respect

Blaise Pascal

A fragile and precious balance

In the Sicilian hinterland, far from tourist destinations and off the beaten track, AMÍO grows its lentils and chickpeas amidst a breathtaking landscape. Here, nature shapes man and not the other way round, in a day-to-day relationship based on silence and attention. Those who cultivate these fields have learnt that loving the territory also means loving the land, and this is why they are willing to respect its times and needs.

This land offers some of
our organic products

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E veryone we meet is well aware that hard work and attention to the smallest details are needed to achieve excellence, a critical element in making a difference, not only in Sicily but also in every other Italian region. .

At certain times of the year, we are observers. Nature has its own time.

Sow, wait, watch the plants grow, harvest. There can be no human intervention. Here, the union between these two worlds, that of men and nature, must integrate perfectly. Man cannot ask for more than what the land, with its own cycles, has to offer.

We have relied on organic farming for a long time, long before it became popular. And we would only grow crops this way.

The more time we spend in Santo Stefano, the more we understand that this statement is true. From lentil to chickpea fields, kilometre after kilometre, we realise that we are immersed in a land where organic farming is a thinking embraced to the fullest by everyone.

Respect for one’s own land, for what one produces, for the values one carries on and for the research behind it.

Our territory must be cared for and respected.

Every day, shortly after sunrise, people from the nearby villages come to work on the fields. We can only speak of “care”, since here the relationship between man and land is constant on a day-to-day basis. By looking at the people who work at the company and seeing how they operate, it is clear that this is the case.

Special Project by AMÍO

AMÍO and the University of Palermo:
Together to produce a unique chickpea variety.

Sarah Chickpeas are one of the most unique and finest varieties among all the pulses grown in Sicily for AMÍO: the result of research in the field and continuous experimentation, this chickpea boasts extraordinary characteristics, such as high cooking stability, with excellent nutritional properties and an unparalleled taste and flavour.

This exclusive variety has been developed by the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, FOOD AND FORESTRY of the University of Palermo.

The project is the result of the relentless work of the Angelo and Salvatore Lima Mancuso Foundation, which has been promoting the development of local and organic agriculture for almost 40 years.

AMÍO supports the Foundation in its research, training and dissemination activities, supporting the granting of scholarships from the Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences of the University of Palermo

Products of the area

Sicily is a generous land, which, thanks to its soil rich in minerals and to its Mediterranean climate, is ideally suited for the organic farming of different types of pulses while respecting the rhythms and characteristics of nature. Discover the products of living nature .