by Franco Aliberti


  • 1 Pack of ZuppamiXlegumi and Oats
  • 1 Head of broccoli with stalk
  • 1 Medium-sized red turnip
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Chilli pepper
  • Dill
  • Ice


Cook ZuppamiXlegumi as indicated on the pack.

Clean and wash the head of broccoli, separating the small tops from the stalk, which we will use later.

Boil the tops in water and cool them in water and ice, then liquidise a portion (about 250g) with 2g salt, 60g oil and pepper, and place the rest aside.
Peel the skin off the central broccoli stalk, cook it in the juice of the red turnip for 30 minutes and slice it.

Drain ZuppamiXlegumi, toss it in a pan with oil and chilli pepper, and add the portion of broccoli tops you kept aside.

Pour the liquidised broccoli cream on the plate, then add ZuppamiXlegumi and the tops. Complete the dish with some dill, oil and a few slices of broccoli stalk.

Born in Scafati (Sa) in 1985, I started very early to "have my fingers in many pies", thanks to the passion for cooking and pastry that my mother tried to convey to me since I was a child.
Nowadays, I like to apply my Pastry Chef vision to all the recipes, since I believe everything should have millimetric precision, to be perfectly replicable at any time and for everyone.
Throughout my career I was indeed lucky as I had the pleasure to work with the best chefs, from Bottura to Marchesi, from Alajmo to Ducasse.
I am currently at La Preséf de La Fiorida restaurant in Mantello, Sondrio.