by Franco Aliberti



  • Cook ZuppamiXlegumi as indicated on the pack. Extract the juice from the cabbage with the help of a juice extractor or a juicer, add the bicarbonate and put everything on the stove. Once warm, you can use it as a broth (you will obtain about half a litre).
  • When ZuppamiXlegumi is almost cooked, drain it and finish cooking it in the cabbage juice, adding salt and oil to taste: you will obtain a blue soup, like a risotto!
  • Clean and finely chop the chicory, toss it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and the finely chopped ​​shallot. Serve by placing the vegetables on a plate and then pouring ZuppamiXlegumi over them.

Born in Scafati (Sa) in 1985, I started very early to "have my fingers in many pies", thanks to the passion for cooking and pastry that my mother tried to convey to me since I was a child.
Nowadays, I like to apply my Pastry Chef vision to all the recipes, since I believe everything should have millimetric precision, to be perfectly replicable at any time and for everyone.
Throughout my career I was indeed lucky as I had the pleasure to work with the best chefs, from Bottura to Marchesi, from Alajmo to Ducasse.
I am currently at La Preséf de La Fiorida restaurant in Mantello, Sondrio.